Video and review of the Toddler Friendly Cars Ride at Disneyland Paris

Review of the Disneyland Paris Cars Ride, make sure you read it before you enjoy this ride.

Disneyland Paris Cars ride

Good points about the Disneyland Paris Cars Ride

Here are a few good points on the Disneyland Paris Cars Ride that will help convince you to give it a try.

  • Very clearly represents the Cars brand and has a race feel to it.
  • Fast enough to get them laughing without being scary.
  • Spins around without making you feel motion sick.
  • A quick moving queue.

Bad points about the Disneyland Paris Cars Ride

Nothings perfect so here are the two bad points of the Disneyland Cars Ride for your consideration.

  • The cars are a tight squeeze for adults and you end up spread out uncomfortably on the back seat.
  • You need to run to your car once through the queue, this can be tricky for more timid children so it is best to help them get a car.

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