Disneyland Paris It’s a Small World Ride

Wondering if they have a version of the It’s a small world ride at Disneyland Paris, well they do and here it is for you to enjoy, the Disneyland Paris It’s a Small World Ride.

Watch our on board video for some Disneyland Paris fun and read on to learn more about this iconic ride.

POV Video of It’s a small world at Disneyland Paris

What is the It’s a Small World Ride

The Disneyland Paris It’s a small world ride is the European version of the iconic it’s a small ride that showcases and celebrates different nations and customs across the world.

It is a gentle ride, on water, that takes you through each country and plays a rather catchy tune as you go that gets stuck in your head.

However, you need to know that the ride itself divides opinion like marmite.

People either love it, like we do, or hate it as it is very, very old school Disney.

We love it as it is fun for the kids and a chance to rest you legs.

Plus, each time we ride we tend to spot something new.

The It’s a Small World ride concept (and first version) was actually created for the New York’s world fair back in 1965 and was overseen by Walt Disney himself.

The iconic and catchy music was created by Academy Award winning duo Richard and Robert Sherman, and the visuals by Mary Blair.

Learn more about this history of the ride here.

Learn more about the links between Walt Disney and World’s fair here.

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