Disneyland Paris Fireworks

Read our review and watch our film of the Disneyland Paris Fireworks and Light show.

Disneyland Paris Fireworks and Light Show

Review of the Disneyland Paris Fireworks and Light show

Overall, the Disneyland Paris Fireworks show is wonderful spectacular of light, sound and fireworks that celebrates the magic of Disney.

The fireworks are bright but not too loud so little ones won’t be scared.

Plus, the clever use of the castle and main square as the centre point for the show means you can get a great view of it from far away and stay slightly back from the main crowds if you want to.

Are the Disneyland Paris Fireworks back on

You maybe wondering if the Disneyland Paris Fireworks and Light Show is back after all the issues with Covid.

Well, the good news it is. The Disneyland Paris fireworks are back and running most if not all nights.

Make sure to download the Disneyland Paris app before you go for the latest schedule.

Will watching the Disneyland Paris Fireworks online spoil it for me?

Understandably, you may be thinking that if you watch the Disneyland Fireworks here then it may take away from viewing them live.

The short answer is no and here’s why.

The Disneyland Paris Firework show will be 100 times better in person then it is on the small screen of you computer or phone.

The small screen doesn’t give you any of the majesty or musicality that comes across when you watch it live.

Plus, there is something special about watching it as part of an audience and hearing others enjoy it that you just don’t get watching online.

Additionally, watching online will help you better prepare for seeing the fireworks for real.

Because, you can make a judgement call on how much or little your kids will enjoy the show.

After all, if you think there are just too many load bangs and flashes for them then it probably isn’t worth hanging around to watch them and you can use your time better.

What is the recommended age for Disneyland Paris Fireworks?

So, how old do kids need to be to enjoy the Disneyland Paris Fireworks?

Five and older in our opinion.

From five they are old enough to last the day and take in the show, not be too scared by the bangs and really enjoy the magic of Disney.

However, you know your kids best so if you think they won’t like it until they are older then no problem. Just wait.


In conclusion, the Disneyland Paris Fireworks are a great and spectacular way to end a day at DLP.

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