Sometimes, particularly on a calorie controlled diet, it can be really handy to work out your portion size based on a calorie limit or target. For example if you want to eat some cheese that has a serving size on the nutrition label of 204 calories for 50 grams of cheese but you only want to “spend” 50 calories of your daily calorie limit then you can eat 12 grams of the cheese.

This can be tricky to calculate so to help here is a simple to use and accurate calculator.

Enter the number of grams from the nutrition label e.g. 100

Enter the number of calories per grams shown

Enter the number of calories you want to eat

This calculator can help you with a calorie controlled diet and is one of our Travel Fit tools.

The importance of portions

If you are interested in learning more about the importance of portion control for a healthy diet and to support weight loss then check out this interesting short guide.