A head to head comparison of these two great children’s suitcase brands

Dream Rider vs Trunki

Samsonite have finally decided to take on Trunki for control of the lucrative ride-on suitcase market. With years of experience in the luggage game and some serious financial backing could Trunki finally be toppled. If so which should you buy for your kids?

To see if the Dream Rider is better than Trunki and help you decide which one is the best fit for your family we’ve put together this comprehensive comparison.

Read on to find out which is best, the Dream Rider or Trunki.

Comparison Table the Dream Rider and Trunki Suitcases

Dream Rider Betty Bee

Trunki Bernard Bee
Shell Hard Shell Hard Shell
Storage Capacity 25 litres 18 litres
Weight 1.8 kg 1.7 kg
Dimensions (HxLxW) 21x50x39 cm 32x44x22 cm
Prices from £38.00 £35.00
Lock 2 Point Clip Lock on either end Twist lock with plastic key on either end
Hand Holds Canvas grips Plastic grips (horns)
Age rating 3 to 8 years (up to 50kg) 3+ (up to 50kg)
Carry Straps (for Parents) Convertable strap with easy-to-grab webbing handles Multi funtion strap to pull the Trunki or go over the shoulder
Second hand market Minimal but growing Huge and well established
Prime delivery Yes Yes

Things to consider when making your choice between a dream rider and trunki

We’ve listed above what we consider to be some of the most important things to consider between the Samsonite Dream Rider and Trunki but here are a few other elements to consider along with the above.

Disney Branding

Unlike the Trunki brand Samsonite have agreed licencing with Disney and therefore produce Disney versions of the Dream Rider. See the full range section for the Disney Dream Riders.

Companion Products

Trunki offer a range of companion products that work alongside the suitcase to help make travel easier. Currently Samsonite don’t offer any similar products and it is unlikley any Trunki products would be compatiable with the Dream Rider.


Prices vary across the different designs, while the physical case is the same, so be sure to take a look at the whole range of both Dream Riders and Trunkis to find the best deal.


If none of the designs for either suitcase take your fancy then with Trunki you also have the option to have a customised Trunki ride on suitcase via their website.

Samsonite Dream Rider Suitcase

The latest range of the Samsonite Dream Rider suitcases for kids. Samsonsite are looking to offer an alternative to Trunki with their Dream Rider suitcase. Have a look and decide if they have.

Lightning McQueen Dream Rider

Your little one will be racing around the aiport on this Lightning McQueen styled Dream Rider. Just be prepared that you will have to be Jackson Storm in the race!

See More Disney Cars Suitases.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Dream Rider

A lovely, bright red, ride on suitcase with a cheeky Mickey and Minnie peeking out.

Mickey Mouse Dream Rider

Recently released Mick Mouse Dream Rider suitcase. This has to be the nearest thing available to a Micket Mouse Trunki.

Minnie Mouse Dream Rider

A lovely light pink Minnie Mouse ride on suitcase.

Beatty Bee Dream Rider

The Dream Rider version of Bernard Bee from Trunki and one to have your kids buzzing about the airport (sorry, I couldn’t resist the joke)

Zeno Zebra Dream Rider

Not sure about this white case as it may easily show dirt or look too irresitable to draw on by the kids but maybe that is just the Travelbetter Kids

Polly Pony Dream Rider

Toby Tiger Dream Rider

Trunki Suitcase

The latest range of the well established Trunki ride on suitcases. Currently the market leader and first name for kids luggage but could the Dream Rider challenge this? Take a look and decide.

Gruffalo Trunki

The Trunki of choice for Travelbetter Girl

Trunkisaurus Rex

The Trunki of choice for Travelbetter Boy

Frank Fire Engine Trunki

Rocco Race Car Trunki

The nearest thing Trunki have to a Lightning McQueen ride on suitcase

Bluebell Pony Trunki

To keep up with the pony theme this Trunki comes with a purple tail

Boris the Bus Trunki

A great choice for any lilttle bus fanatics

Trixie Trunki

Also known as the Pink Trunki

Terrance Trunki

Also known as the Blue Trunki

Paddington Bear Trunki

The nations favourite marmalade loving bear on a Trunki

The Travelbetter Recommendation Dream Rider or Trunki

Looking at the comparison table, Dream Rider and Tunki range, and other elements there is no obvious winner in this comparison as both offer a good suitcase with plenty of storage and features to make your family trips easier.

While in the past we have purchased Trunkis for the Travelbetter kids if we had to make the choice today then I think it would come down to a question of design and what suited are kids best. For example, I would still go with the Gruffalo Trunki for Travelbetter Girl but would go for the Lightning McQueen Dream Rider for Travelbetter Boy.

So what will we buy Travelbetter Baby? Neither…we have two perfectly good Trunkis that have lasted well and she can choose from and we can instead spend the £40+ on a family dinner while on holiday.

Buying a Dream Rider or Trunki second hand

Buying a used or second hand Trunki is always a good option. They are well made and most people only usethem a handful of times across a couple of years meaning there are lots of used Trunkis in good condition, easy to find and a good bargain.

Right now the same cannot be said for the Dream Rider as it is relatively new product to the market. However, we estimate that this will change over the next couple of years and while this may sway you to buy a used Trunki now to grab a bargain you may want to consider the following different point of view.

As the Dream Rider used market is currently small if you were to buy a new one and use for a year or two then the market to sell on would still be growing and you would likely get a better second hand price then if you were selling a used Trunki in a crowded market.

It really depends on whether you want a brand new case that has a better chance of a higher resale value or the ability to get a good bargain now. Dream Rider will give you the former and Trunki the latter.

Alternative Ride On Suitcases

While Trunki is the market leader and the Dream Rider is clearing targeting this crown there are other ride on suitcases available and we have covered some of them in the following Travel Gear posts

More on the Samsonite Dream Rider Suitcase

Learn more about the Samsonite Dream Rider Suitcase in our guide to this great kids suitcase.


Dreamrider vs Trunki

So after all that which is better. The Samsonite Dream Rider or the Trunki rider on suitcase?

Our conclusion based on current feedback is to go for a Trunki suitcase.

However, if you want a Disney branded case and potential higher resale value then go for a Dream Rider but be aware of the wheel issue that a few buyers have encountered.

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