Everything you need to know about Graham Crackers in the UK

Everything you need to know Graham Crackers UK including what they are and where to buy them.

Not surprisingly, American recipes are becoming more and more popular in the UK.

However, many of them require something called a Graham Cracker.

But what is a graham cracker and where do you get it in the UK?

Read on to find out in this informative food guide.

Additionally in this guide, we show you how to make graham crackers from scratch and provide a couple of easy substitutes to graham crackers.

Graham Crackers UK

The best Graham Crackers in the UK

The best Graham Crackers available in the UK are by Nabisco.

They cost around £10 per box and are usually available for next day delivery from Amazon and other online stores.

What is a Graham Cracker?

So, what is a Graham Cracker anyway?

A graham cracker – pronounced “grahmm” cracker, a bit like gram but with a “h” squashed in – is a biscuit originally created in 1829 by a chap called Sylvester Graham.

Sylvester Graham was a Presbyterian Minister in New Jersey who longed to create a healthy and pure biscuit.

In fact, he was after a biscuit that would help curb carnal appetite!

So, to find this biscuit he took unbleached white flour and mixed it with wheat bran and germ to create a wholesome, unsweetened and vegetarian biscuit.

Sylvester, his ideas and his biscuits caught on and they were soon named after him and thus Graham Crackers were born.

Over the years Graham Crackers have become “less pure” and had sugars and other tasty items added to them and have become a staple of the American store cupboard and used in classic recipes such as campfire s’mores or pumpkin pie.

Where to buy Graham Crackers in the UK?

Despite the popularity of American comfort food in the UK it can still be quite difficult to track down Graham Crackers in the UK shops.

However, they are there and it just takes some looking.

But luckily you don’t have to do that as we’ve done that for you.

The prevailing brands are Nabisco Graham Crackers and Honey Maid Graham Crackers that are both available from Amazon with boxes starting from approximately £10 and with next day delivery.

As a side note Nabisco also make the well-known treat Oreo Cookies.

As well as Amazon, Graham Crackers are also available from the following UK Online stores:

Sadly, and we have checked quite a bit, Graham Crackers are NOT available in the major UK supermarkets including Tesco, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Asda.

You may find Graham Crackers in Aldi or Lidl but it is difficult to tell in advance as you cannot search their range online and the product range in store can be quite random.

Graham Cracker Kits UK

Now, depending on what you plan to use your Graham Crackers for you may be better off buying a product specific food kit rather than individual crackers.

Product specific Graham Cracker kits are pre-made items like a pie base or or collections of items like a Smore’s kit.

UK alternatives for Graham Crackers

Finding a substitute can depend on the recipe or need for Graham crackers in the first place, but a general rule of thumb is to just replace them with your favourite biscuits and here are a couple of suggestions.

If making S’mores then you could try digestives just like we did here. You might think they are a bit thick so another alternative could be digestive thins or malted milk biscuits.

If you are making a cheese cake or pumpkin pie then try Maryland double chocolate cookies for the base if you love chocolate, or ginger biscuits for a really good crunch with a bit of bite. We have used both and find them great choices. And crushing them up with a rolling pin is great for stress relief.

How to make Graham Crackers

Graham Cracker Ingredients

If it just has to be Graham Crackers and you are not interested in the packs available from Amazon then you could try making your own.

The ingredients you need can be a bit tricky to track down but here they are:

  1. All purpose flour or Graham flour
  2. Wholemeal flour
  3. Wheat germ (try Holland and Barrett)
  4. Salt
  5. Cinnamon
  6. Unsalted Butter
  7. Light brown sugar
  8. Honey or Agar Nectar

As you can guess the approach is like any biscuit. Just mix everything together and cook. In fact here is a great Graham Cracker recipe from sweet2eatbaking.

But, if this looks like to much hassle (it does) then just grab a box from Amazon.

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