Review and buying guide for the Gruffalo Trunki suitcase for kids

Welcome to our review and buying guide for the Gruffalo Trunki.

“A mouse took a stroll in the deep dark wood, the mouse found a nut and all was good…”

The Gruffalo must be one of the most well known kids stories in the UK today. The two Travelbetter kids have grown up loving the story and the sequel and now doubt your kids are to.

In fact Travelbetter Girl liked it so much that when it came to buying her a trunki (5 long years ago now) it was an obvious choice to get her a Gruffalo Trunki and we would recommend it for the Gruffalo fan or fans in your life.

But as well as just our recommendation to help you decide if a Gruffalo Trunki is right for your little ones we have created this buying guide and review.

Key features of the Gruffalo Trunki

The following table outlines the key features and specification of the Gruffalo Trunki.

Name Gruffalo Trunki
Casing Hard Shell Plastic
Storage Capacity 18 litres
Weight 1.7 kg
Dimensions (HxLxW)32x44x22 cm
Lock TypeTwist lock with a plastic key (kept on the strap)
Hand HoldsWhite plastic grips representing the horns of the Gruffalo
Age rating 3+ (up to 50kg)
Carry Straps (for Parents) Multi funtion strap to pull the Trunki or go over the shoulder

What is the price of a Gruffalo Trunki

Price for a brand New Gruffalo Trunki

The Gruffalo Trunki is one of the brands best selling suitcases and as a result it has the highest cost for a Trunki suitcase coming in around £44.99.

Price for a second hand Gruffalo Trunki

If you are not too fussed on having a brand new Gruffalo Trunki then you could take a look at eBay and other second hand markets and pick one up for as little as £5.00 plus packaging. More on the best places to find a second hand Gruffalo Trunki in the next section.

Where is the best place to buy a Gruffalo Trunki

The following are the best places to buy a brand new Gruffalo Trunki in the UK. Just click on the link to get the latest prices.

The following are the best places to buy a second hand Gruffalo Trunki in the UK.

Our experience with a Gruffalo Trunki

We first purchased a Gruffalo Trunki for Travelbetter Girl back in 2014 to come with us on a trip to Florida and she has loved it ever since. She would still be using it happily today if it wasan’t for the fact she is just too tall now. However, I know she can’t wait to hand it over to her baby sister in a years time.

While there are reports that the Trunki shape can be a bit awkward with overhead lockers we have not had this problem ourselves when we have flown. However, it is worth pointing out we have not used our Gruffallo Trunki on a budget airline and this tends to be where the size and shape becomes more of an issue.

During our travels over the past five years our Gruffalo Trunki has lasted very well and still shows no sign of damage or significant wear. Plus, this includes continous use as a ride on toy both at home and abroad.

We have always found the storage on our Gruffalo Trunki about right and while it has been very full we have managed to get a blanket, toys, change of clothes and snack or two for the journey each time we use it.

Overall, we have been very happy with our Gruffalo Trunki suitcase and it gets a big thumbs up from the Travelbetter kids.

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